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SetEmail('somebody@example.com'); // Provide the name of the purchased products. // You can get the name of the products from the webshop engine. // The AddProduct method must be called for each of the purchased products. // // It is optional to provide the name of the products, so if this data is not // available, you can leave out the AddProduct calls. $Client->AddProduct('Name of first purchased product'); $Client->AddProduct('Name of second purchased product'); // This method sends us the e-mail address and the name of the purchased // products set above. After the data arrived to us, we store them // with the time stamp and the WebAPI key. // This lets us know that someone has purchased at your webshop, to whom // we later have to send the questionnaire for evaluating your shop. // The "Send()" operation doesn't send immediately. It generates a HTML output, // puts into source of the page and the customer's browser will send the // required informations us. $Client->Send(); } catch (Exception $Ex) { // Here you can implement error handling. The error message can be obtained // in the manner shown below. Implementing error handling is optional. $ErrorMessage = $Ex->getMessage(); } ?>